Privacy Policy

All content published on this blogsite is the property of the author of this blog, Cat a.k.a Kat a.k.a Katerina. Pictures and all media used belong to the credited owner. If you find your picture on this site and would like to claim it and/or have it removed, please send an email to fabfunlife(at)gmail(.)com.

No material on this site may be reproduced in any form without written permission from the author of this blog. Pingbacks are lovely and allowed, and appreciated when applied with good intentions.

I promise not to sell any information you leave behind when you comment – such as name or email to anyone.

All items/places reviewed on this blog by the author are reviewed with no benefits to herself, monetary or otherwise, whatsoever. When the contrary happens, such as when a gift is received from a featured provider, I’ll be sure to let you know. Transparency is my policy of choice.

I’m certain that the beautiful people at WordPress do a good job keeping our blogging experience secure, unfortunately I cannot guarantee the security of your browsing experience. Please install some superb antivirus on your device. The internet can be a crafty place 🙂 I promise not to spam you, I’m not a crafty person.

If you have any concerns regarding privacy please contact me at fabfunlife(at)gmail(.)com


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