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Dear Friends,

I’ve thought about you often in the past five years. During the time I spent reading your blogs and lovely writing, I felt that I grew to know you and that you were more that on-screen acquaintances I had never met. Carrie Rubin, Sandee, Daphnee, Noeleen, The Hook, Daniel, Cecilia, and many others. I’ve pictured you in my mind’s eye, imagined the streets along which you walk. I hope you’ve kept well, I hope you’ve had good fortune these past five years.

The years gone by have been a series of changing seasons for me. Out of what I thought was loss, I found good fortune. In what I imagined to be the palm of despair, I was touched by divine love. I grew. I nourished and I was nourished. My spirit was aglow, I thrived. My heart sung, and I sung. And I glowed. And when I couldn’t sing alone, I sought a choir of voices, and together we made music that soared our hearts to the heavens. And then good fortune found me, and I knew that He makes all things beautiful in His time. And my heart sung.

How have you been? I hope you’ve had good fortune!