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They’ve been here only a week or so, but my new neighbours are iffy… I’m kinda concerned, I like being able to get along with my neighbours but it looks like these ones are more aloof than most. And I know aloof because I have at certain points in this young life of mine been the queen of aloof.


So today I went over to my new neighbours, introduced myself, that sort of thing, talked to them about the gatekeepers pay, ’cause you know, his salary due date is passed. We had been saying hello in passing, myself and the new neighbours, but for some reason that always happened at night. Not a convenient time to exchange pleasantries. Anyway I knock at the door, and the girl, she didn’t seem very forthcoming. I was there, smiling, being nice and she just wasn’t. I seemed to be acting my own movie. I actually had to prompt her to introduce herself. I mean, when someone says ‘Hi, I’m Cathy, your neighbour from the other house, etc…” Shouldn’t the natural response be, “I’m (insert name here).” Anyway for this one, I had to smilingly say, “and you are…?” before she could provide her name. Hmm, not super, I thought to myself.

She also seemed to make paying the gateman sound like such a task, putting up all sorts of hoops to be jumped through about timing, then ‘I’ll have to talk to him( her boyfriend I suppose, I see no ring) he makes the decisions.” Then more hoops, then I’ll have to ask to him. I mean hey, relax, be a little nice. I’m the person going to call you when your house catches fire or not call you at all then all your stuff will burn to the ground.

I don’t know, maybe it’s my demeanour. I’ve been told I tend to come off a bit ‘too superior’ and out to out class, albeit unintentionally, and I suppose it makes people defensive so they sort of snob up, to match me I guess? But I don’t even get it, I mean I’m smiling really welcomingly and all, shouldn’t that put one at ease? I’m not an intentional snob, haha. Here’s my take: I endeavour to appear amiable since it’s not always obvious (I’m smiling at myself here) but I’m not going to endeavour to appear less classy. I can’t help it. It is a disease a line of women from my grandmother through to my baby sister suffer from. My genes are my excuse.

Anyhow, there’s more about my neighbours. I’ll admit I’m one of those people that will mind other people’s business from a distance. Aren’t we all, though? Watching and wondering from a distance, even if we never say a thing? Full disclosure folks, I’m a watcher. See, I know that because of the sheers in my windows, I can see out but no one can see in. All my windows face some neighbour or other. I’m like the all-seeing one in this place.

Yesterday I was fully convinced he is cheating on her. I kind of still am. This man is like  40 years old, give or take. He’s not too sore on the eyes, but he just comes off too fatherly in a weird way. I think it’s something to do with these old-fashioned trousers he wears. I don’t know very many men these days that wear front pleated trousers. They are just so grandfatherly and this otherwise fine-looking man wears them. Maybe he is over 40, which makes it even more weird. A 40-year-old man in this country driving a Mercedes, even an old model, and still renting a little house definitely has to have something wrong with him. 40-year-old men of means (in our setting being able to afford a car and a Merc at that is quite a lot of means), in this part of the world are usually married and definitely not renting. So definitely that would be more weird. Every day I watch them, watch him and wonder at those ancient pants.

Back to yesterday. She leaves first, this time in his car. Usually they either go together or she goes first by public transport I guess, then he leaves later in the car. This time, she left first, in the car then he leaves later around 10 am. I figured maybe she drove the car to one of the nearby washing bays, went off to work, then he picked it up and went on to wherever he goes. I don’t know. Just the guess-work of an all-seeing, highly-imaginative watcher. Later in the day, with Girl No. 1 still away, around 2, 3 pm he returned, but with a different girl. She looked young, perhaps a bit younger than his girlfriend. They went in, spent a while, somewhere between an hour and an hour and a half, then they came out and drove off. It looked very suspicious.

I know the girl could have been anyone, perhaps a cousin, friend or whatever. G usually had a couple of female cousins coming over to his place, helping him with chores, one of them even spent nights on some occasions. Now someone watching could very easily have said he was cheating and up to no good. Maybe it’s the same thing in Mr Ancient Pants’ case, but I tell you, this sure smelt fishy!

I’m not hoping for visiting with each other for tea but I sure hope we’ll all be cordial and neighbourly.


Update, over a month later:

The neighbour struck up a conversation a while back, turns out he’s kinda alright. And the girl seems to have lost her airs. Still, nothing excuses the pants. ;) At least we’re now cordial and neighbourly.