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A blast of the cow horn rung out, filling the forest air with eeriness. She knew what it meant and her heart thumped in terror and despair. Pursue left and I’ll go right, was the signal of the horn. They were onto her, and they were close. That they were now hunting her down as they did game, complete with the cow horns that village hunters used, terrified her even more.

Quickening her pace with what little strength she had left, she continued to run with a single objective: to get as far away from her pursuers as she could. She could hear them whistle as they signalled their locations to one another. The wind and sweat from her forehead blinded her, and she stumbled upon the undergrowth as she ran. Everything was blurred, the shrubs left scratches on her arms and feet as she brushed them away and her feet were sore from running barefoot. She barely noticed the pain as she sprinted through the forest. Her mind kept returning to the events that had led her here.