By now, the rain was falling in bucketfuls. Namuli paused for breath under the thick branches of some trees, but she wanted to find a more suitable spot. Running on, she soon came to a gamers lodge. Hesitant, she stopped to study it it from a distance. The porch was overgrown with ferns, and the front yard with wild flowers. Some of the window panes had fallen out and she could see puddles of rain water collecting on the verandah from a leak in the iron sheet roofing.

She drew closer, wondering if an unused cabin was a safe place to wait out the rain or not. She didn’t have much choice anyway. This would have to do. She quickened her pace and approached the front door. On tiptoe, she went up the three steps that led to the entrance, and reached out to turn the knob. Suddenly, she stopped short. There were voices coming from inside. Quickly, she backtracked her steps, crouching at a window farthest from the door.