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So, that glowing, orange, African sky I rave about in my header above? You do know it’s real, right? I’m not just speaking artistically. It is very real, and I don’t have to catch a plane to get it. I live in a most beautiful corner of the world.


I get to enjoy this beautiful sunset from the comfort of my balcony almost everyday. It’s beautiful, and I’m happy to have it with in such easy reach, and to have the time to notice and enjoy it. So many people don’t. They just haven’t the time, or simply don’t make the time to notice the more beautiful and finer (free) things in life. What with the hectic schedules to head out and make the rent money, the milk and bread money. I don’t blame anyone. Life’s just too fast these days. But do take the time to at least listen to the birds hum as you walk to your bus to work. It’s therapy in itself, from all life’s stress.


Like they say, the best things in life really are free.