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This poor blog had recently gone the way of the dinosaur, so to speak. I found myself dropping by less and less frequently, and when I did, my visits were limited to the reader. I’ve finally diagnosed myself with a mild case of blogging ADD. I seem to always be on the look out for new things that pique my interest and take up all my time. Yes, I just may be the queen of procrastination, and what with all this social networking, there is always something to grab and hold onto your attention if you’ve got a mobile device and an Internet connection – and are willing. I’m guilty of being too willing, that’s my crime.


Gorilla mother and child

Gorilla mother and child. Uganda is one of few places you can find these.

My latest interest is tours and travel. I realised some time back that there is way too much I don’t know about my own country. Foreigners and even short time visitors know more about the more fun things in this country than even I! I can’t say I like that very much. I know I can’t know every thing, but at least I should be able to adequately advise someone coming to Uganda to see the wild life, track gorillas, watch birds, stuff like that. Uganda is not that big a country, it shouldn’t be too hard. I am more knowledgeable about the capital, which is understandable, I suppose, as it’s where I was born, raised and live.


Suburban Kampala

Suburban Kampala

Unhappy with my somewhat understandable ignorance, I decided to educate myself. Hopefully I can free up the time to roam Ug from north to south, east to west. In the mean time I’ve spent more time than I can count on Trip Advisor and, more recently, Lonely Planet, in the past few weeks. There, I’ve learnt a lot more about my motherland from strangers and enthusiastic foreign residents.

In December, I tried to convince a few friends to take a trip to the coast with me. I was really psyched about it. I like traveling but hate doing it alone. There’s no fun in it. Plus I hate having to ask strangers to take a picture of me some place. I have a really hard time asking, I don’t know why. Anyway, not surprisingly, I only got 1 person willing to make the trip. Ugandans aren’t that keen on travel, I don’t know why. Or if they are, they’ll prefer going outside Uganda. Perhaps people just find some tour packages too costly by Ugandan standards.


Fishermen and their boats

Fishermen and their boats which, as you can see from the mattress and lady in the boat, double as passenger carriers.

Also, Africans just aren’t as big on holidays as Westerners are. Plus that big lion that’s so oh, awesome, we don’t find that…fascinating(?). That’s probably the wrong word to use but we feel differently about wild life. We love it, we enjoy it, we just find it more ordinary. I mean, it’s Africa; jungles are us. Probably another case of a prophet being less appreciated in his homeland.


In it’s natural habitat

I did try to convince a couple of friends to start a tour and travel agency with me on new year’s eve, coz after giving it a lot of thought, I found there’s room for more. We’d help more Ugandans see more of their motherland, the famed Pearl of Africa, I envisaged. Ha. I met with luke-warm responses. In their defence, I admit I have a new biz idea every week at least, so perhaps they thought this was just another one of them. The boyfriend gets a free pass to all this genius of mine (ha-ha, right!) and says all my new project ideas can drive a person mad. I can’t help being of eclectic passions.

So I’ve decided to start small, solo. And I have. I’ve brought on board some help of course, can’t do it all alone. But let’s not jinx it, so no details – just yet. Butterflies!