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Dear Friends in NaNo,

As NaNo draws to a close, I’d like to simply say this. I will not be a NaNo winner. How does it feel to say those words out loud? It feels okay, actually.

My first novel writing experience went this way.

  • I mapped out my novel, outlined the plot, described my characters, et cetera, et cetera. An iPad app called ‘A Novel Idea’ came in really handy. It’s the best tool I saw out there that could help a newbie like myself.
  • I did my research. I loved this part. I was just short of taking a trip to where my novel is set. I get a rush just thinking about it.
  • I even narrated the novel to a very willing and seemingly entertained listener, from start to close to end. I was that psyched about it all.
  • Then I wrote. Ideas, scenes, more ideas more scenes. Fed them all into my A Novel Idea app, while updating my word count in another app called typepad. I was writing, finally. Yay!

A Novel Idea – great app.

But then I seemed to have a bit of an issue.
Maybe I raised the bar too high for the level of writing I’m at right now, but I just wanted my work to be as good as any, and I was acutely aware of what I felt was missing. Yes, yes, I know Nano is about simply writing and writing but hey, couldn’t help myself. I gathered writing resources. These often seemed more appealing than my own writing, some were just too enjoyable so I read on. Yes, I did procrastinate a bit, reading about writing better. I also did a lot of reading. Novels. Thrillers. I get lost in those. Life did get in the way too. Let’s just say I won’t have 50,000 words by end of Nov, and I won’t be spending the next few days trying to get them.

What did I learn?

That I’ve got a good imagination. That I can write. Just not that fast, yet. And I still need to work at it, practice, get better.

Would I call NaNo a good experience? Yes. Would I try it again? Yes.

For those of you that participated, how was your NaNo experience? How’s the race to the finishing line going? If you didn’t participate, are you happy to see NaNo go? Do you care at all?