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I don’t know what it is, but it sure is going down! Je suis tres exciteé. Apparently, yesterday was my busiest day here on WordPress, with a whooping 86 views. Was that a ‘yay’ I heard? I realise some people have that number of commenters on any one of their posts, so 86 views would be a stroll all over WP, but hey, a milestone is a milestone and I think this is a pretty good one. For long 63 vies on February 23 has been my highest. No more.

March and April weren’t very active months for me. I was away getting some much anticipated off-time, as reflected by my stats. But baby we’re back with a groove!

Oh Lord, this online life! Excitement over numbers and views! I know y’all with me in this one, though, so I can gleefully let out that Sandra Bullock Miss Congeniality little laugh, and be sure I’ll be met with congenial understanding. Even better, you can’t see me while I do it.

Àpres tout c’est la vie en ligne, non?