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Problem, Officer?

I’ve had an eventful day, the events of which I’d like nothing better than to chronicle here. Unfortunately all my adventures, which included a run in with the cops, have taken their toll on me; and I can barely see through this blinding headache that is threatening to burst all the veins in my head. All I really wanna do is die. What I mean by that, dear reader, is sleep.

My blog may not reflect it, but I have a very wordy story to share every single day. So why does my blog say different, you may ask. Here’s why. At the day’s end, my plan is to freshen up, feed, then recline in the sofa and write away, while watching some TV; or simply use the TV as background noise, while I blog and read your blogs. Everything usually goes to plan, until the sun sets. For a reason I’m yet to understand, my creative juices seem to run out as soon as the sun is over the horizon. It’s like a spell. The sun sets, and I go dry. Try as I might, nothing inspiring enough to have me hit the publish button will come out. A few half-hearted drafts will try to push their way to the front, but nothing publish worthy. After hours of trying, I give up, shelf the draft, and wait for the sun to come out. The cycle may sometimes continue for a few days, during which the publish button may or may not be hit.

As I speak, type, the sun has set. The gods have spoken, ladies and gentlemen, I must retire. You’ll hear of the Adventures of the Eclectic One as soon as she’s added spell-lifting to her bag of tricks.