Hello, Bloggers. This is Kat reporting live from London. [Insert big toothy grin] We’ll return to that later. This is a ‘hello all, I’m alright, no need to send out a search and rescue team’. In todays main news:

I recently received the Versatile Blogger award from the kind Air Cooled Underware (yay!). Cool name, Air Cooled Underware, right? I’d never given much thought to the versatility (or absence there of) of my blogging; I’ve recently had some feathers added to my cap that I feel will add some versatility to my person and writing. Needless to say, I’m quite pleased at the nod from AUC, who also suggested the award be added inspiration for me to return to the blogosphere as my presence has been dearly missed. Aww, shucks…thank you AUC.

Upon accepting this lovely award (I believe I received one from MD at Evil Nymph’s Blog, too, sometime back. Thanks, MD. Life, as always, got in the way of fun – blogging- delaying my acknowledgement of your kindness. Better late than never, so thanks to you, too.) there are some ‘rules’ to be followed, one of which is passing on the blog love to bloggers you feel worthy of the award. This, I’ll do later after I’ve caught up with what’s going on here that I’ve missed out on.

Meanwhile, the holiday continues…

At Tower of London

Background, Tower Bridge.

Spring in full bloom at Hyde Park

Boat ride at Hyde Park

After a beautiful night watching the Phantom of the Opera at HMT

Now, off I go, to catching up on all your writing.

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