I’m glad WordPress has a like button. It’s optional and I’ve been disappointed when I’ve scrolled down after reading someone’s blog to find they didn’t activate the like option. I’ve conclude that these people probably deactivate the like button not just to avoid notifications (there’s email settings for that, right?) but to get people to put their ‘like’ in words in the comment box.

I usually ‘like’ a post for several reasons

1. When I’ve really liked the post (you get what I mean). Of course I don’t always click the like button and that does not mean I didn’t like what I read, I may just get straight to the comment box.

2. When I feel under-qualified to comment. In these instances I want to show the writer that I’ve been to his/her pages and read their work and liked it, but

a) I just couldn’t find the right words to express myself or
b) the topic is above me, in a way. I understood what I read but I’m such a junior at it, or (I feel I) would appear such a junior as I’m lacking in ‘experience’ in a given area of life/discussion or
c) I’m rather afraid of sounding corny.

So I ‘like’. But mostly it’s because I truly really like.

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