Hello all, and a very merry Christmas to you!

From reading around, I know it may not be/have been merry for every one. Still, I hope it brought a bit of something for everyone.

Mine went the same way it goes every year: breakfast, church, join the extended family for a big merry lunch, head back home. Some times, come Christmas nights, the party moves on to a night out spent dancing somewhere. That was the plan tonight, until my one girl-friend crew made a disappearance act, leaving me by myself. She really has got that particular act nailed down, does it with such finesse time after time. I wonder why I still believe her when she says she’ll show up, as she almost always seems to disappear last minute. I’ve resolved to stick to calling her up when I need her help dropping me off at the airport, because at that she never fails. Good thing too, as missing a flight and missing a night out do not compare at all.

Today at church, a really sweet thing happened. This little boy (about 2 years old) held on to my hand tightly and wouldn’t let it go. His dad was standing by, and he tried to guide him away, to have him join the rest of the family but the little boy paid no attention, and held on fast. His small, soft, chubby fingers held firmly onto mine. It was a good feeling, his small hand in mine. I felt if he had been given to me on the spot I would gladly have taken him and raised him as my own. Crazy thought, I know. Yepp, that’s me. I get some of those some days. I’m crazy about baby boys and this one was such a darling. I smiled at the dad as he tried to pry him away, he smiled back and let the boy be for a few minutes. Ha, what else could I do or say. Part of me worried at what the boy’s mother, wherever she was standing, must be thinking of this little scene; this young woman holding her boy’s hand and smiling with her husband. Suddenly I felt a little anxious. Anyway, the father eventually lifted the son away, and I shifted a little farther away from them. The last thing I needed was to be misunderstood and cause an unknown woman unnecessary worry and speculation.

The little boy stayed in my heart, as I hope the little boy Jesus always will do. Who knows, may be in a couple of Christmases I’ll have a little boy of my own, who after some more Christmases won’t be a little boy anymore but a miniature version of his father and after a while a young man. The years go by so fast! I feel like this one just started and here we are at its end. I hope the next year brings with it lots of good fortune for us all, and for those of you with little boys and girls of your own much happiness and less pulling out of one’s hair as is usually brought on by the little ones. I had lots of experience with that with my siblings, I being the eldest and hence a sort of little mother.

Well, much happiness to you all. Blessings and strength to those that lost loved ones along the way; and to those that lost the love of your life, may you find them again, have a beautiful beginning-again and love and happiness renewed. May a way be made for you, that your heart may know the joy and happiness it once did. A happy year ahead to you all.