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When I first started my blog (then at Blogger), the things I intended to write about are not the things I’ve ended up writing about. At the time I felt it aptly named, given my intended content and audience. My audience was to be my contemporaries; friends, people I knew on facebook and their friends. I thought most of my audience would be fellow Ugandans, and I wrote accordingly. For the first few posts, anyway.

All that soon changed. I moved from Blogger to WordPress – well, not really. I kept running both platforms, same blog name, with the same posts on each, while trying to figure out to do with my Blogger blog.  I can’t bring myself to leave my blogger blog as I love the look of the page, and put so much time and heart into creating it and giving it it’s look, tweaking the template, surfing Blogger help for answers to queries, and all the trials and experiences of a first time blogger. I felt satisfied with my product. Even when I don’t post there, http://fabfunlife.blogspot.com seems to get numerous hits daily. At blogspot, according to the stats, majority of my readers were in Uganda, as I had anticipated, except they were not into the habit of leaving comments. So I felt I was writing blindly. And neither were the readers from other parts of the world. I really do love that feature about blogger stats; being able to tell which part of the world the readers came from. I remember often being surprised at finding hits from Russia, and thinking, wow, this internet is really something but now how did this Russian/person in Russia find my blog, what did they read, and what did they think! Back to the no comments thing.

I’m sure my Facebook page (before I deactivated the accounted) contributed to the nature of my audience, friends and their friends were accessing my blog. Both blogs posted to Facebook but if they came to WordPress too I can’t tell as we don’t get to see country stats here. That’s for the paid blogs, right? I think.

For several reasons I prefer WordPress. Part of it has to do with the WordPress community. It’s very interactive, and one feels part of it. I wonder, though, if it is I that hadn’t yet gotten the hang of the blogger-blogger interaction in the blogosphere, before I moved to WordPress. If I had, then I’d probably have gotten around the blogosphere and interacted with other bloggers just as well with the original blogspot blog. Or maybe not. The blogspot comment form really, royally sucked. Zero interaction on that one, and every effort to tweak it eluded my html-naive mind. Now that I remember, it was the major thing that got me shopping around for other platforms. I looked at other bloggers’ comment forms and thought, how do I get that?

Well, now I’m here, getting on, blogging on and as life always happens, you solve one issue another rears its thick skull. As it seems, I have out-grown many things, inclusive of which is my blog’s name. I’ve been thinking about this issue for days on end now and I really seem to have hit a rut in the road.

I’ve explained a bit how I came to the name, earlier. Now I want to change it, what do I do? Do I change the name and leave the address as it is? That could work, and raise less problems much as it’s usually advisable to have the name similar to the address, easier for readers to find you, they say. Changing the address would mean losing the readers and bloggers following, and losing all the pingbacks, link backs from mentions on other writers pages, and oh, Noeleen’s video! I treasure that particular mention:)

The first name I had for my blog was ‘Pieces of Us’. That soon changed to ‘Life As We Know It’, which I felt sounded too serious at the time, and needed something lighter for what I imagined I would write about. Now here I am again, seeking a name change. I’ll mull over it a little more and see where I end with it. Who knows, I may even end up with one of the first titles. Growing up. Such a fuss.