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I looked in the mirror today, and I could swear this is me 7 years ago.

Except that it’s not. That’s me, this morning.

Is is it obvious that I seem to have nothing intelligible to write about today?

Oh, I could if I wanted. I could write about world peace, the malaria vaccine we are researching at work, the fact that over half of this country’s population are youths, that the majority of them are without jobs, that many of them are on the sexual network, and that HIV/AIDS is on the rise, that the politicians that stole the AIDS/TB/Malaria GAVI funds are still roaming about scott-free yet everyone knows they did it but still got new government posts, that the education system sucks, that we need divine intervention, or that I’m going to specialise in Infectious Diseases Pharmacy.

My worrying face. Ha ha.

But I won’t write about that. Not today. Today, I’ll just put a pink flower in my hair and snap another pic. Why not? The world won’t stop in it’s tracks if I’m not worrying about it. It’ll go on, regardless. That word ‘regardless’ always brings a smile to my face. From a funny story my one once shared… Yes, the pink flower.

The smiling face. Hakuna Matata, not worrying about the world.

Can you tell my clothes aren’t pressed? Yes? Well, I live in a land currently experiencing 24-hour power cuts. Yes, you can gasp here. We, too, gasped till our jaws lost elasticity. Now we just put our hands to our chins to support the weak jaws. You’d be forgiven for thinking it’s a posture of sorrow. In truth, it’s the slackened muscle we are holding in place. That posture is about to be adopted as the national emblem.

Well, that’s no excuse for wearing wrinkled clothes, you may say. Don’t you have a pair of jeans and no-iron blouse to match? You look like a goat just spat out your clothes! (in the words of my ‘tribes’-mates)

Yes, I do have jeans and the said blouse. I just prefer skirts.

Why don’t you just pay someone to do that stuff, then?

I do not trust paid hands with my clothes. When I’ve done so, I have regretted. I do trust the dry cleaners though. Of course I’m not going to pay a dry cleaning company to take care of each and everyone of my clothes, do you know how much that would cost!

So why, then, didn’t you just iron yesterday? You know those power cuts are as sure as the setting of the sun.

I was tired. Yes, too tired to plug in a flat iron and press a couple of outfits. I had an exam yesterday for which I was told to turn up at 7.30 a.m, and expect to last two and a half hours. I turned up at the required time and the said exam started at 9;00 am and lasted till just before 1:00pm. Transit time included, that thing lasted seven hours that left me starving! And I had spent the greater part of the night before preparing for said exam, so yes, I was too tired to press my own clothes.

Also, I was busy last night. I had a business plan to write.

And how did that go?

Well, I sat down at my computer to write it, and I was really thinking about it. Then I got distracted reading everyone else’s blog. But that kept me very busy so I was really busy last night.

Oh, I see.

I do plan to finish it very soon, of course. When my financier comes and says, Kat, are you done with that business plan? I want to be able to say, here, it’s complete.

Thing is, I don’t know how much longer my laptop’s battery will last. And even if it lasts a while, today’s power cut is probably only halfway through. You see, for every 24 hours of light we are compensated with 24 of darkness.

No kidding! So what are your countrymen and women doing about it? You people can’t seriously be fine with THAT!?

Of course not! Don’t you think I want to lie around and gaze at the TV even when it’s got nothing of interest showing? The people down here are doing a lot about it. The minister for energy stutters out an excuse or two, and the MPs let out the occasional rant and grill said minister. Everyone else grumbles about it in their homes, brings it up in every conversation, and the occasional news paper article. They figure that should catch the attention of the powers that be.

Oh. I see.

Yeah, me too. I wish.

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