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I am a woman.
I am strong.
I carry loads known to no one
I endure pain known to no man
I hold confindences sacred to many
Secrets not mine
Yet known by only I
I withstand heartache seen by no eye
Fight battles fought by no man
I am a woman
I wear a face so brave
Look each in the eye
Carry my head high
Hold my shoulders back
And speak with a voice firm
I am strong
I am a woman

I am a woman
I am weak
I am afraid of the dark
I am afraid of spiders – and lizards
Even when I would rather not ask
I find myself in need
I am without strength of muscle
I am unlike a man 
I am a woman
Alone, Sometimes I cry
I am tender of heart
And speak with a voice so soft
I’ll cry in a movie
And feel sorry for a beaten robber on the streets
I am a woman
I am intelligent
I’ll speak wisdom
Yet lose my temper at the drop of a hat
I’ll throw childlike tantrums
Yes, I am a woman
I am a grown-up
I like teddy bears
A flower will make me smile
A bar of chocolate will melt my heart
A cuddle will calm my storms
I am weak
I am a woman

I am a woman
At my feet life is brought in to this world
At my feet young minds are formed, men and women made
At my feet the world is shaped
For I am a woman
The compass of the home
The hand that nurtures
The heart that builds
I am a woman
I am strong
When life’s tide is high
And it’s rosy stalk full of thorns
I may cry
Silent tears full of pride
Still I’ll wear my armor of bravery
Fasten it in place with a smile
For I am a woman
The glue that holds it all together
I walk with a light step
I am also firm
I falter
I also deliver
I cry out in pain
Still I endure to the end
I am weak, I am strong
I am a woman

© Kat / http:// brighteyedkat.wordpress.com