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The lovely Noeleen at http://wordsfallfrommyeyes.wordpress.com recently published a post in which she accepted and nominated other bloggers for the One Lovely Blog and Versatile Blogger awards, and she did it beautifully, true to her artistic style. She posted a video in which she took taste reads of blog posts from the writers that nominated her for an award (myself being one) and the writers she was nominating. In the video, she produces her interpretation of each writers words, complete with scene and set. (Here, Noeleen, your take on Anne’s comes to mind with the towel and all, and the one of you in the dark, with a thunderstorm in the background. Was that a torch you used to create lightning? Or is it my over-active imagination? 😛 )

Here’s Noeleen’s video, I’m honoured to have had her read my work and feature it in hers, and here’s a link to the post that she chose from my writing. Caught In The Cross Fire.


I’m sure you’ll enjoy Noeleen’s video, and the versatility of both her style and the writers read. I got to discover some great blogs, as well.

Au revoir! Enjoy,

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