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So yeah, I like having my pic taken 🙂 , and I love polka dots. It just so happens they are in anyway, so why not? I’m making an extra effort to wear bright colours lately as I’ve been down in the dumps for way too long and my mood needs a lift. Bright colours like purple add some elation to life.

Unlike Facebook, it’s harder here on WordPress to pretend all is merry, perhaps because there’s more writing done; and not just a few one-liners, a smiley and a LOL as one would do on Facebook. Unless of course the plan is to blog about the turmoil, then the writing would be easier. So of course – as happens when I’m not feeling up to the writing – I’ve got a number of drafts, all waiting for that emotional/spiritual lift that’ll have me up again.

For now I’m resorting to the things that make me smile, without fail. One of those, no doubt, being fashion (exciting news here!). And here’s to purple, more bright colours, smiles (real and fake) and happiness (real).

Polka Purple II

Polka Purple III

A little thing I’ve seen the more fashion-centred blogs is let us know where the piece came from in case we wanna get ourselves one, so here goes the copy Cat. Blouse – TM Lewin
Skirt – Playlife
Shoes – Clarks
Watch – DKNY
Belt & Ring – Bargain buys (Do some people call that vintage too? 😛 )

Fun facts about this outfit:

  • The fabric of the skirt itches when the lining slips, and in public one just can’t scratch one’s own itch! Yiks!
  • The Clarks – I hear some people in certain parts of the world ridicule Clarks. Not I. I agree with those that say Clarks are so comfy for work, and I take mine out when I know my day is going to be filled with lots of walking. Thing is by the end of the day, my faithful Clarks aren’t so faithful any more, and they don’t do much for my dainty feet and the little cones. Still, I love them. Red shoes are just lovely and ultra feminine. Some of my friends tease me about my red and yellow shoes. They say I have to get them custom-made to get such bright colours. Really? LOL. let’s not blame them. They are just a little more conservative(? ).
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