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Last Sunday was Mission Sunday and at church we were invited to think about the people that spread Christianity all over the world all through the ages, and not to be part -time Christians. Everyday, what do we do to show our faith, to live by God’s word. Do we incorporate Christianity into our everyday lives, or are we only Christians at our convenience?

I thought about this message, and decided I would start some pages on Scripture here on my blog, share some scriptures and words that have touched me, changed me, opened my eyes on several occasions and gotten me thinking. Some of it will be lyrics to songs; and these, I should say here, are songs I’m eternally grateful for, for they show me that I’m not alone in my questions, doubts, hardships and my Christian journey through life.

I’ve been meaning to start these pages since that Sunday, but well, I got a little distracted. I’m finally doing it, and mighty glad I am.

I pray that what I share here may enrich your life too.

Here’s the first entry after this intro

Sometimes I Cry