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Lots of good is happening lately. Did I mention I saw a shooting star yesterday? It has nothing to do with today’s fab news but well, we are happy!

I won a prize from DW-TV. Participated in a discussion on an interview with Michael Michalsky, the Berlin-based designer, and well, won. I’ve been waiting for a couple of weeks now, and I finally got the prize today. Prizes, actually. The Urban Nomads range of beauty products. I’m a very excited owner of the Urban Nomads Shower Gel, Body Lotion, Deodorant, and Eau de Parfum. I was eager to take a sniff and they smell really great (not to mention classy and luxurious!), and I’m counting myself one very lucky woman. I’ve needed to get a new scent for some time now, and that just got taken care of!

Cat's Urban Nomads Scents

I was so excited I took a pic of the box, too.
Talk about clueless(!) and… immature? I’m a sucker for capturing even the tiniest bits of memories. It was all accompanied by a letter in German that I couldn’t even read; guess I should add German to my list of foreign languages!

DW-TV Prize

Cat's Beauty Products

Urban Nomads for Women ~ “combines sensuality and innocence through notes of white peach, green apple and bold lemon, with contrasting pink pepper. The heart note exudes brilliant jasmine flowers and gentle lily of the valley, brought to perfect harmony by the essence of the rose. A fragrance for modern women, who have a powerful sense of imagination, who love change and radiate self-confidence paired with sex appeal.” Sound like me? Kinda. Maybe. Dunno. All I know is I love it all! Lol.

Smile with me!

Signature - Kat