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You know some of those days that just don’t go right no matter how hard you try, or what you do? Read a fav book, read a humour column or two, eat some comfort food ( three cheers to Snickers, the chocolate) but all in vain? On those days, I just wish I had a spell that could drive away gray clouds and leave everything rosy and gay.

And as if the world were conspiring against me, the clouds outside are literally gray and dark, and they’ve been so for the greater part of the day. Is my day gray because the universe looks gray, or am I feeling gray because the universe looks gray? Is the world simply agreeing with me, empathising with me and reflecting my gray-ness? Or am I simply taking on it’s colours? Is the universe for me or against me?

If the universe is for me why won’t the clouds let through a few bright rays of sunlight to brighten my gray day? Why do I hear no bird birds chattering gaily away. Has the gray day turned them sullen and gray too? Or have they just taken shelter from an impending storm? Should I, too?