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My Indian Voyages earlier this year came with joys and pains.The greatest of these pains being the loss of my beloved tresses. I’m still weeping for my beloved hair to this day. Here’s how it all happened. I prepared for my journey well (not well enough, in retrospect, seeing as I lost the hair) by taking my African hair products. Relaxer, hair pomade, et cetera. Little did I know that I would not find a single salon capable of handling African hair. It was the biggest disaster of my several months trip, this damage to my hair.

If you know anything about ‘relaxing/retouching’ as regards Afro-hair then you know that it’s a thing one shouldn’t do to her hair by herself. Result = Your hair comes out half-done = Massive Breakage. Why? Because you can not clearly see what you’re doing as you retouch, even if you use four mirrors. The hair that suffers most is the hair at the back of the head. I regret the decision to retouch my own hair with all my heart. I knew my hair would break some, I did not know how much. Now I have to wait months before my hair will grow back, and every time I see old pictures of myself with my old hair length I feel genuine pangs of pain. Sigh.

My hair before (left) and now (right). The picture on the left was taken at the airport on the actual day I left for India. Picture on the right , after I left India. Shocking, I know.

The pic above speaks for itself, Lady FFL on the right is kinda gloomier. Still looking belle (I said it 😀 ) but a little down nevertheless. Believe me when I say if there had been an alternative, I would have taken that rather than risk my delicate tresses. Getting someone to braid the hair needed a plane trip journey to a different state altogether! Ladies, call me for some tips before you make a trip to India – you’ll thank me.

So now, I’m embarking (already started) on Operation Get-My-Hair-Back-Quick. Yes, hair is said to grow only about 1/4 to 1/2 an inch every month but I’m got to make sure I help mine along as much as I can. I read somewhere some one saying she got hers to grow 3/4 an inch. Yes, she measured it – people actually go to great lengths when they care about something. I’m going to do my bestest to see that I get more than 1/4 inch per month. Oh yes I am!

So what d’you say African sisters, have any grow-hair-quick tips? A hair-gone-bad/recovery story of your own? How do you keep your own hair healthy and glowing? Do share!